Mobile Devices Embrace HTML5

10 11 2010

If you have a mobile device with a 3G connection, then chances are you have encountered HTML5 in action.  So far, both Android OS and Apple iOS have taken advantage of the versatility of HTML5.  Since HTML5 is not limited to a particular operating system, developers can create apps and  games for both platforms, in order to reach a wider audience. 

One company SPIL Games has learned of the value of HTML5 and is allowing users to play the games they create on a mobile browser, instead of downloading them.  That way, the question of platform is totally irrelevant, because you aren’t downloading the app onto your device, simply interacting with it through your mobile browser. 

Since HTML5 is proving how valuable it is to critics and skeptics, it wouldn’t be ludicrous to declare that HTML5 is no longer a scrappy underdog.  Game developers like SKIL, and both Apple and Google, have acknowledged the value of such a relatable language.  While Flash may have a loyal following among companies who have relied on it in the past, HTML5 is showing that it can compete just as hard, and provide positive results.  While SKIL may be a leading innovator in HTML5 games, other companies will follow once they see success.  Developers would only have to create a game once.  They wouldn’t have to create a version for each platform.  Such a possibility could positively affect a company’s bottom line, as the program could be release much earlier.  HTML5 may not be such a household name right now, but in the future, when the companies learn of its versatility, it won’t need to be.  HTML5 will simply be the avenue that developers choose to run their games and apps through.




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