Facebook changes email as we know it

15 11 2010

Logging into Facebook is what people do nowadays.  It is as natural as getting into your car and taking a drive.  So suffice it to say, that Facebook is an integral part of people’s lives.  People check into Facebook several times a day, and may even update their statuses even more often than that.  So it should come as no surprise that Facebook is set to revolutionize email as we know it.  Users who want to be invited to having a new Facebook email can request an invite.  However, don’t expect this email address to be just like the ones that you have now.

Facebook is planning to make email more similar to chat.  You will be able to track your emails just as you do with instant messages.  Filtering will be more streamlined, and as Facebook innovates, you will follow.  Facebook is just that powerful in people’s lives, that when they come up with something new, everyone will want to have it as soon as it is released.  So expect the email system that Facebook releases, to a limited audience first, of course, to be as big as the social networking giant that it is.

In addition, Facebook is also working on updating the messaging and chat systems that they currently have.  Facebook accounts for a big chunk of people’s free moments, and the people that run it won’t let that change.  So make sure to request an invitation for the new @facebook account so that you can be among the first to talk about it to your friends.




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