Paypal Vs. Google. . .A view into the future

17 11 2010

Paypal is a financial system that allows users to make payments on their eBay and Apple purchases.  Google is simply a giant because it is synonymous with just about everything that has to do with the internet.  So it should come as no surprise that Google would like to also be known as a payment system.  During the web summit 2.0 meeting that took place on November 15, 2010, Google released cryptic information regarding a mobile device, not named yet of course.  However, what information they did release was revealing, in that, the future as we know it, is already in the minds of Google developers.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared with the audience of the Web 2.0 summit that the device that is yet unknown will contain a Near Field Communication chip that will have something to do with their venture into mobile payments.  The NFC enabled device will be coupled with the Android OS in the mobile device, and with the help of Google places, mobile payments will enter the next level.  Though we may not know the entire story regarding how the system will work, it would be a safe bet to venture that whatever it is, it will be revolutionary. For all we know, this could spark some kind of mobile payment competition of sorts.  This is speculation of course, as we have nothing more to go on except what information was released to us by Google’s CEO.  However, where Google ventures, the rest of us follow, so be prepared for some changes to come some time in 2011.  The only constant that we have is change, and Google has been a part of the changes for quite some time.  Welcome to the future, in advance.




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