Learn a few things

19 11 2010

If you have a desire to learn, and have a desktop computer, a laptop or a netbook, then you picked the perfect time to exist in the world.  Google Chrome has just released a tutorial, in the form of an online book.  Simply search for “20 things I learned”, open the link, and you’ll be routed to an online book that summarizes most of the experiences that accompany going online.  The online book is written entirely in HTML 5, and is a very thorough showcase of all things internet, interwebs, or whatever you wish to refer to the online experience as.

The online book is assembled as a history in progress.  It begins with the brief summary of how the internet, as we know it, came into being.  Many terms are also explained in the online book, so it can serve as a glossary of sorts.  In addition, if you always wondered about the differences between the old browsers of yesteryear and the new browsers that are currently running, this online book illustrates them beautifully.

In addition, everything about browsers is detailed to the fullest.  You will be able to learn about cookies, cloud computing, malware, identities, plug-ins and cloud computing, among the data enclosed in the online book.  In other words, if it pertains to the internet, it is thoroughly explained in detail.  The online book is illustrated and is written in a matter-of-fact tone.  If you simply wanted to know what the definition of “web app” was, or always wanted to read about how the internet began, this online book is a great resource.  Any way you look at it, whether you need information about how a plug-in, or just wanted to read an online book, this is a fun, informational read.




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22 11 2010

I think this is pretty helpful to everyone who uses a computer.

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