Old Is In Fashion Again

29 11 2010

Programmers and developers have been spending a lot of time studying the video games of yesteryear.  They have spent so much time, in fact, that they have been able to emulate the Nintendo Game Boy.  At one point in time, the Nintendo Game Boy, a portable handheld gaming console, was all the rage among young people.  Gamers who wanted to leave the confines of their living rooms or bed rooms were able to play their video games of choice on the Game Boy.  However, in those days, the video games were quite primitive, to say the least.  Participants had to endure a simple black and white screen, and compared to the consoles of the present, it was pretty heavy. 

Enter, Imran Nazar, a 26 year old U.K. developer.  He has began a project, which he named, jsGB.  Using his expertise in javascript and HTML5, he is working on emulating the games that were once played on the Nintendo Game Boy.  Through javascript and the use of HTML5’s Canvas element, he may be able to create the same environment that gamers everywhere enjoyed through the Nintendo Game Boy. 

So through the nostalgia felt by a programmer, computer-philes may be able to relive their Nintendo Game Boy days through their desktop or laptop machines.  Obviously, the uses of javascript and HTML5 will be shown in a great number of ways in the future.  But it’s always a step in the right direction when a programmer is able to bridge a way to the past by using the technology of the present.




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