Enable HTML5, Disable Flash

1 12 2010

If you are a diehard HTML5 enthusiast, and want to use it as much as you possibly can, then there is a way to disable your Flash player while using the Safari browser.  There may be problems though.  Since HTML5 is not the standard by which all web pages are viewed, you may not have functionality problems for a while.  That is, until HTML5 becomes more accepted by the computer developer community.  Until then, here are instructions for disabling Flash in Safari, when using a Mac.

1. Turn on the Develop menu in Safari by going to Preferences > Advanced.  Check the Develop box.  From there, choose the User Agent string. 

2. From the Develop menu, select User Agent > Mobile Safari 3.2.2 – iPad.  Then you will be able to view your site in HTML5, if that option is available for you.

The only problem with this “fix” though, is you will have to do this each time you browse.  However if you are an enthusiast of HTML5, then this option will certainly serve you.  But there is one caveat, though.  Since HTML5 is not as widely accepted, and it has even been reported that only 1% of pages utilize it, you may not have content to look at.

While the reports of HTML5 are relatively new, they may be true.  So while HTML5 quite possibly may be the next big thing, it hasn’t arrived just yet.  To stay well-rounded then, you should supplement your diet of HTML5 only pages with a healthy dose of Flash.  That way you could hone your skills to emulate what the Flash pages have, and eventually surpass them with the HTML5.  Happy coding and surfing.




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