HTML5 Gains A Music Site

3 12 2010

Let the competition begin.  While Flash may be the more widely accepted platform for developers, it seems that HTML5 is slowly gaining popularity.  Grooveshark, a streaming music service, runs their streaming music service on HTML5. 

While the addition of one streaming music site may not sound like a big deal, it really is.  HTML5 may never be quite as popular as Flash, since it has a solid base of followers and has been around for a longer period of time, but it very well may be the “Next Big Thing.”  Being able to program in HTML5 will likely prove to be a very valuable skill, since companies are slowly but surely becoming aware of its capabilities.  And since Google is trying to evangelize the public about HTML5, it will only be a matter of time before more companies jump on the proverbial bandwagon.  In addition, HTML5 is trying to position itself as a program for the mobile device users, the possibilities of HTML5 popularity are quite reasonable.  With more companies trying to create smartphones, such as Windows Mobile, HTML5 quite possibly will increase its presence in the very near future. 

If you’re looking for a place to further your education about HTML5, look no further than  No matter what your level of expertise, advanced, intermediate or beginning, you will be able to find many tutorials that will challenge you.  All of the pertinent topics that HTML5 programmers have questions about can be found there, along with many examples of code to help you learn.  Happy coding.




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