HTML5 video For Opera

6 12 2010

Opera is another browser that will offer HTML5 video format through the Android OS.  Of course Flash will be offered also, but it is highly encouraging for the HTML5 enthusiasts that more browsers are signing on for HTML5.  Since Google has released an ebook, of sorts in HTML5, it should be no surprise that the Android OS will offer support for HTML5, but Opera is another broswer entirely.  So the fact that HTML5 is garnering attention for its abilities and possibly more fans is no small feat. 

Right now, Opera for Android is still in beta testing mode.  So developers can work out all of the kinks that they may have with their pages before it completely launches.  The mobile devices seem to be in line with the idea though, that HTML5 may be a very viable option for the content that the developers plan on showcasing.  There will be quite a few browsers that will be competing with Opera, for the attention of mobile users.  In addition, Firefox Mozilla will be releasing a browser for Android users, so while Opera is in beta mode, it would be in the best interests of Opera to make sure that mobile users are better served with their browser. 

While Opera is busy perfecting its browser though, HTML5 programmers can hone their skills.  More mobile browsers are seeing the benefits of HTML5, so the market for HTML5 programming skills will be more in demand than ever.  If you need more practice, or just need a refresher, make sure to visit,  You will get the assistance you need to be the best programmer that you can.




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