Agreed. HTML5 Is The Mobile Language Of The Future

8 12 2010

Apple and Google, though they may differ on a great many things, seem to agree on one important issue:  HTML5.  If you’ve been following mobile devices, and programming languages, it seems that HTML5 apps are available more and more abundantly and frequently.  If more programs are written in the same language, HTML5 in this case, that is really good news for consumers in the long run, then.  Look at it this way.  Whether you are an Apple iOS enthusiast or an Android enthusiast, you will be able to find the programs that you absolutely love in both platforms.  The bargaining chip, so to speak, will not be the fact that you can only download a particular app to this particular operating system.  Through HTML5, you will have basically the same catalog of apps that the other operating system boasts.  So, truth be told, the real winner of this strange game is the HTML5 programmer.  If a competent HTML5 programmer can create content that is universally appealing, the HTML5 programmer will be able to offer it both of the popular platforms, in this case, Apple iOS and Android.  And since creativity breeds more creativity in most cases, the truly competent and versatile HTML5 programmer will have plenty of apps just waiting to be used on either or both platforms.  So, if you are a hobbyist just waiting for the next big program to appear, wait no more.  Peruse the well-organized pages of and learn as much as you are able.  You will be glad you did, and so will all of the future mobile phone consumers who will see your valuable content.




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