WordPress: Another HTML5 Convert

10 12 2010

WordPress is to bloggers as glass is to drink.  In other words, many of the people who blog depend on the WordPress program to help them communicate with their respective audiences.  Since WordPress is an innovative and friendly program that bloggers have come to know and love, WordPress is returning the sentiment by adding new features. 

The new features that bloggers will be able to add will be available through the Toolbox.  With Toolbox, bloggers will be able to access HTML5 features that will allow them to express their sentiments.  Toolbox will allow bloggers to create on almost blank templates so they could create to their hearts’ desire.  So if you have the imagination, and don’t like to be stifled by all of the pre-designed templates that are available, simply use the Toolbox and create the way that you see fit. 

Nobody is going to restrict your creativity or limit what you would like to do on your own page.  Toolbox simply gives you what could be of help to you.  From there, you can decide what HTML5 features you want to take advantage of, or what CSS canvas you want to develop.  The choice is yours.  You are not beholden to anyone for your own creativity, and Toolbox acknowledges that.  If you want to take a gander at Toolbox, just stroll through the demo page.  Once there, you could look at all the different themes and images to enhance your WordPress repertoire.  Don’t forget, when you want to enhance your HTML5 knowledge base, visit htmlatoms.com.  Everything there is easy to find and follow.




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11 12 2010

i just love wordpress. thanks for the news!!

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