Music Group Create HTML5 And Flash Music Video

13 12 2010

If you ever wondered if HTML5 and Flash could work together for a common purpose, you picked the best time to be a programmer.  A musical group by the name of Sour has created a music video that incorporates both HTML5 and Flash.  In fact, the music video even personalizes your watching experience by enabling you to log onto your twitter account.  By doing so, you are shown the song lyrics, and it even looks like an actual twitter conversation going on with the both of you.  In fact, fans who watch the video have reported different experiences, so depending on who you are, and what you enable, you will have a different music video viewing experience. 

While this isn’t the first time a musical group tried to make watching a music video interactive, it is a welcomed attempt.  The first band to try their hand at an interactive music video was indie-rock band Arcade Fire.  They mostly utilized the help of HTML5, though.  With the Arcade Fire video, Google Maps was depended upon for the experience to be individualized.  Users can even grow virtual trees during their video watching experience. 

It doesn’t matter which video you think is better though, because both of the videos show that communication has evolved.  Gone are the days when people simply just watched a video, without investing themselves into it.  Now, technology is allowing consumers to interact with their favorite bands via the videos that they relay into our collective computers.  So make sure that you have a translation guide handy, so that you can learn the meaning to the songs that you will be humming to.




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