Gallery Of HTML5 Pages

17 12 2010

If you have doubts about how widely used HTML5 is, and simply need proof, then there is a destination on the interwebs for you.  Point your browser to and you will be able to see all of the pages that exist that utilize this language.  You will be able to look at all of the pages created by people who are using the new language to create interactive pages that make up today’s web experience.  And since it is a gallery, of sorts, if you believe that your page should be showcased as well, then you can simply submit your site also.

Judging from the pages that are included though, the capabilities of HTML5 is constantly evolving.  And since the gallery only showcases what can be seen through a computer screen, there may be mobile sites missing.  That means HTML5 has the potential to grow leaps and bounds since it is so versatile.  From burgeoning mobile game companies to web designers who simply want to learn what the new trend is, HTML5 has something for everyone.

So if you want to show off your HTML5 page, look no further than the HTML5gallery.  Other dabblers or experts in HTML5 will find your work, and you can learn from others as well.  If you are someone who simply wants to learn more, then you can simply look at all of the pages and find pages that do what you would like to learn to do.  It’s a good starting point, as well as great place to simply browse other pages.  And when you want to test or perfect your HTML5 coding skills, don’t forget to visit  You can find tutorials written for all the different levels, and all of them are very user-friendly.  Happy learning and browsing.




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