More Ways To Game HTML5

20 12 2010

If you ever doubted the popularity of HTML5, then consider this a gleam of hope.  Zynga and GetJar are busy working on bringing the popular Facebook Game Mafia Wars to a computer near you.  However, the way they will bring the program to you is via HTML5.  So if you were having doubts about learning a language that hasn’t become mainstream or popular, then you should be happy about the news about HTML5 teaming up with Mafia Wars.

Zynga is creating and developing a version of Mafia Wars for your mobile device, both tablets and smartphones.  So if you are a fan of this game, you will have the opportunity to play it on whatever device that you have access it to, be it a smart phone, or a tablet device. 

You will be able to find these apps through GetJar, the developer that sells through the App store that your mobile device carries.  So whatever platform you prefer, as they don’t discriminate, Android OS or Apple iOS, you will find the game Mafia War.  It doesn’t matter which mobile device you happen to have an affinity for, you will be able to download your beloved Mafia Wars onto it. 

So use the news about Mafia Wars as an encouraging note.  Learning HTML5 is a valuable skill.  And when you have HTML5 writer’s block, visit  You will find the tutorials that are created for your level, written in a way that is very helpful, and not at all condescending.  Have a great time coding.




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23 12 2010
More Ways To Game HTML5 | Simon Bugler: Freelance Web Designer

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