HTML5 Scores Another Browser

22 12 2010

Internet Explorer, the browser by MicroSoft believes in HTML5.  So much so that they have created a Lab for them, per se.  HTML5 developers will be able to test the programs they create with the Internet Explorer browser, to make sure that whatever they develop will work.  It is quite encouraging for a company as big as MicroSoft to get behind a programming language that is not yet widely known yet.  Developers obviously have the support of MicroSoft if the company is giving them opportunities to test their creations.  And if developers are being encouraged as they are, the enthusiasm that the big companies, such as MicroSoft, have in HTML5 will spill over to the developers themselves.  When creativity is fostered and allowed to flourish, there is no predicting what kind of outcome will result.  Maybe the next programming genius will create something through HTML5 that will revolutionize the internet.  Newer ways of creating through web pages might be the spawn of MicroSoft’s invitation. 

Since consumers can view HTML5 through their mobile browsers, as well as their stationary computer screens, the new developers may create something that was only previously imagined.  And whatever that revolutionary page that the developers are able to come up with, that content will be able to be viewed on tablets and mobile devices. Remember, if you are looking for tutorials in HTML5, visit  All of the tutorials are well written, and no matter what level you believe you are, there is something for you.  So have a good time coding HTML5.




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