Celebrate Through HTML5

24 12 2010

As they say in the holiday songs, Tis the Season, so goes the programmers.  If you simply love the holiday season, then watch a few of the holiday themed presentations that are available on the internet.  As MicroSoft has created a HTML5 Labs, programmers have been creating winter wonderlands that you could only see on the computer.  Here are a few of the pages that really show their holiday cheer.

If you always wanted to find out Santa’s Workshop was about, then you will enjoy what this particular HTML5 programmer created.  Elves and Santa can be found working hard in this program, and it is sure to give you a sight to look at, with your family.

Another program that is sure to capture the attention of Winter people is HTML5 Blizzard.  You will be able to see snow falling, except the snow will not make you cold, nor make you shiver.

Both of the programs are shining examples of how HTML5 is working itself into the hearts of computer lovers everywhere.  Many companies see the benefits of a program that works as Flash does, but doesn’t need to be separately downloaded the way that Flash has to be.  In addition, those who use mobile devices are obviously fans of HTML5 because many of the games that play on mobile devices now have been written in that language.

In other words, HTML5 is simply the future of things shown right now, in the present.  So if you already dabble in HTML5, and consider yourself quite good, venture onto htmlatoms.com and tweak your skills.  The tutorials are very friendly and you’ll learn a lot too.  Happy coding.




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