Apple Hearts HTML5

27 12 2010

All of the indicators about Apple having warm feelings for HTML5 seem to be in full view for everyone.  With Apple working with developers for integrating HTML5 into their iAds program, it can be deduced that Apple sees some promise in the upstart program.  It woudn’t be a far-fetched conclusion, though, by any stretch of the imagination.  HTML5 is a platform that could be used on mobile devices, as well as ordinary desktop and laptop computers.  So by using one platform, HTML5, the manufacturers could reach everyone they set out to, without having to customize the coding for the different ways people view information.  In that respect, HTML5 looks like a sure winner of something to watch out for in the upcoming year.  With gaming companies looking at HTML5 for their products, knowing HTML5 is definitely becoming more of a blessing.  And with the encouragement that companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft has been showering on HTML5, it definitely proves to be a great time for knowing the language.  Between Microsoft getting behind HTML5 with their HTML5 Labs and various other companies offering opportunities for programmers to showcase their talents, HTML5 is being showcased as a sort of programming language darling.  Which translates to many possible opportunities for those who believe they have the HTML5 skills that companies want.  If you think yourself as one of those people who has the HTML5 chops, so to speak, make sure you visit and just browse through the existing tutorials.  You are sure to find something at your level, whatever stage you are at.  Enjoy the HTML5 wave.




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