Search While In Motion. Thanks HTML5

29 12 2010

In case you needed another reason to appreciate the goodness also known as HTML5, here goes:  HTML5 developers are working on creating ways for voice searches.  That’s right, if you are eating dinner near your computer, just don’t spill anything, you can simply speak the search term that you want to learn about into your Google Chrome browser.  Right now, the Google Chrome extension is not available for mobile devices.  However, as we are all unfamiliar with how the future will play out, it may be the wave that all the mobile devices run in the future, so those mobile devices need not worry about the desktop or laptop technicality for now.

The utility is extremely user friendly.  Simply speak your terms when the icon for a microphone is visible.  You can choose which place you want to conduct your search with also, such as FaceBook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and the like.  Just as long as HTML5 is utilized in the search engine, then you have the ability to speak your search, instead of typing it.  Multitasking is brought to a new level with the ability to speak your search terms.  Since you can’t type on two keyboards at the same time, in the instance that you are texting a friend on your mobile device about what you want to search for, the voice functionality can be an advantage that you didn’t have before.  It’s almost like being given the gift of more time, because you can accomplish more in the same amount of time.  So if you weren’t aware of all of the gifts that HTML5 gives everyone, remember HTML5 the next time you speak your search terms to your computer.




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