Offline Searches And HTML5

31 12 2010

In the days of old, you had to be connected in order to search for whatever you were looking for.  Now, with all of the new breakthroughs that have come about, there is a way to do searches while being offline.  Through Web Storage API, you can store and access data, even without being online.  While the process may take a little while to get used to, because of all of the different commands that you will have to type, it is not difficult.  Through the capabilities that HTML5 provides, you will be able to run offline searches, and save the search results.

In addition, you can create and save as many files as you wish, given that you command the computer to do so.  Since updates are a part of all of all programs, you can also command the computer to be aware of system updates and to incorporate them whenever necessary.  So you won’t have to worry about being left behind technology-wise, because you have already told the system what you intend to do.  In other words, through your fantastic coding skills, you have told the computer that even when you don’t have a wireless connection, searches are still possible.  With HTML5, the future of computing has taken a leap forward, and you are able to partake in futuristic activities in the present.  If you also consider yourself an HTML5 coder, be sure to visit  You can find tutorials for whatever level you think you belong to.  Learning is fun when everything is assembled well, so make sure to visit there when you have the time.  Happy searching.




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