HTML5 Can Find Where You Are

3 01 2011

If you wanted to know what other features that HTML5 can help you with, then here is one more feature to add:  Geolocation API.  With this particular functionality, browsers have the ability to collect location data.  Javascript in the coding helps the browser to access the results.  However, the main idea is that HTML5 is slowly becoming the avenue that developers are using in order to code the data.

In other words, HTML5 is inching its way into the mainstream, and is gaining more respect and is accepted more widely in those who are part of the industry.  HTML5 is showing what it is capable of doing, and the talented programmers who are interested in learning all that HTML5 can offer are showing all of us that it is a very versatile program that has lasting power.  That is a very reassuring point, since HTML5 is relatively new on the programming front.  Since many different browsers have been showing support for HTML5, it should be no surprise that many of the browsers also support the Geolocation API feature that HTML5 boasts.  So far, Safari, Mozilla and Chrome support Geolocation API, but that list may expand in the near future if the other browsers choose to offer it.  Since privacy is an issue that people take seriously, the user does have to give permission before such data is collected, but have no fear.  All of the previously mentioned browser do require the user to grant permission for Geolocation API.  So if you don’t want that information shared, it won’t be.  Don’t forget, if you are still dabbling in HTML5, visit to view the tutorials.  Happy exploring.




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