MicroSoft, RIM And HTML5

5 01 2011

The Windows smartphone is relatively new to the market, but MicroSoft knows its way around business, so it should have no problem catching up to the others.  As all operating systems always need updates, it should come as no surprise that there is an update rumored for the Windows phone in the near future.

While updates are actually a regular occurence for smartphones, or software in general, the case with the Windows smartphone is a bit different.  In this case, HTML5 is part of the reason to be excited for the update.  The previous version, the one that is currently running, does not have as many, if any HTML5 features.  However, with the update that will soon come, that will change.

Other news that involve HTML5 revolves around the Galaxy Tab, by Research in Motion.  While it will also have the ability to play Flash programs, HTML5 is a main ingredient in its features.  Which all basically point to the industry acknowledging the importance of HTML5.  So if you are following the progression of HTML5, you can not help but see all of the ingredients of a success story.  While it may have started as a not so widely known program in the very beginning, it has progressed rapidly into a powerhouse of a program that is being widely touted by both the desktop and laptop computer display and the mobile phone display.  In other words, it is valuable to just about everyone who views a screen.  HTML5 is obviously something to watch out for.




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