Blackberry + HTML5 = ?

7 01 2011

With the impending release of the BlackBerry PlayBook, and its extensive HTML5 and Flash features, should the other tablet manufacturers be afraid?  As it is now, the iPad is not really touted as a device that is known for the programs it runs, in the PlayBook’s case, HTML5 and Flash, but for what it can do.  Is Apple doing it all wrong?  The Galaxy is not known as a tablet that mainly runs HTML5 and Flash, but is still selling well.  So do the features of HTML5 and Flash really add value to a product, or is it just more product hype?  Only time will tell, but any way you look at it, the Playbook seems to be garnering publicity from those statements.  And since the saying goes, “Any publicity is good publicity”, the statements can’t really hurt Research in Motion.

If anything, all of the publicity surrounding their new release should be good news to them.  It means that researchers and market followers aren’t focusing on the fact that BlackBerry may still be struggling next to the other smartphone giants, Apple and Google.  So Research in Motion can actually take this time to do the final touches to their device and hopefully create something that would get Apple and Google nervous.  There is room in the market for many devices, and the more devices available to the public is better for consumers.  More choices eventually means lower prices, so if HTML5 and Flash prove good for consumers, that’s just icing on the cake.  The real takeaway will be how many features a consumer can get within a certain price point.




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