HTML5 Microdata

10 01 2011

As HTML5 is growing by leaps and bounds at an exponential rate, it is now time for another draft specification.  One of the newer HTML5  draft specifications that is causing a buzz is HTML5 Microdata.  This new specification will enable you to control the appearance of your page even better than before through making automated readers, such as Google more able to view the content.

HTML5 Microdata will enhance your data and content so that the bot programs can detect it, but the specification does not hinder those programs that don’t have bots.  So you are not losing any capabilities, nor creating problems with readers or programs that aren’t affiliated with the bot readers.  One feature that the HTML5 Microdata specification anticipates is the ability to increase the speed of data collection.  When browsers add more HTML5 capabilities, the data will be able to be retrieved at a faster rate, which translates to faster reception of data.  You won’t have to spend as much time waiting then, if the program is able to retrieve it faster.  That is a benefit any way you look at it.

Another way that this specification can help is by being able to specify the contact data on a particular page.  Since HTML5 Microdata enables the bots to readily translate content, you can specify the content data on your own page so that the bot reader will not confuse the information it receives.  That would be a big benefit to a company that previously had contact phone numbers confused.  By simply coding the necessary functions, the bots will not mistake the content.  Better communication is the best way for a business to get the message across.  And HTML5 Microdata will allow programmers to send their messages to all the right places.  Happy coding.




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