AT&T To Release HTML5 Toolkit Soon

12 01 2011

With the news of Verizon being able to offer the iPhone through their catalog, AT & T may have to fall upon their “plan b”.  While the chances of AT & T not making the same amount of profits as last quarter may be soon proven a correct calculation, it may be too early to predict.  That’s because AT & T is following the trends and may profit from their HTML5 investments and research projects sooner than expected, or exactly as expected.

In March 2011, AT & T will be releasing their tool kit to developers in order to create HTML5 apps that they may be able to offer through an app store in the future.  Since AT & T is not particularly wedded to a specific operating system, an app store that they finally end up creating and developing may feature apps for all smartphones.  At the very least, consumers may find apps for Android OS, Apple iOs and Symbian for Research in Motion’s Blackberry devices.  Therefore, it is too early in the proverbial game to count AT & T out, if one actually was rationalizing to do such a thing.  It might be true that a good number of AT & T iPhone owners will migrate to Verizon as soon as they are able, but in the meantime, AT & T may surprise everyone and create an offer that consumers find irresistible.  While the future is yet unknown to us, the fact of HTML5 as a possible income stream appears very real.  Only time will tell, but it would be a wise bet, so to speak to put the proverbial money on HTML5.




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