SPIL Announces Winners

15 01 2011

The preliminary results have been counted, and SPIL games has announced some of the winners. With six months left, these winners are among the first of the new year, as well as among the final recipients of the coveted prize.  Since SPIL games is focusing on the best of the best games that HTML5 programmers can create, these games are worth the wait.

The top winner for January 2011 is called “Blast Effect”.  Besides the obvious prize of fame, winners are awarded $7,700.00.  “Blast Effect” earned the number one winning spot by their superior skills in designing realistic looking levels that made sense as well as graphics that catch the eyes of those playing.

Coming in second place is a game named “Lazors.”  The reason that this game was awarded a winning spot was because of the ease of use for touch screen users.  The SPIL judges actually thought that the game was “perfectly designed for touch screen.”  So if you ever thought a game was hard to play because of how your touch screen acted, this game is the perfect answer.

“Spy Chase” was the game that was able to garner the third place position.  This game was chose because it is not your average shooting game.  You actually have to think of a winning strategy to succeed to the next level, so thinking is a major ingredient of this game.  So if you were looking for new HTML5 games to entertain you during a crowded and slow transit ride, you have a few to choose from.




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