Refresher Course: HTML

19 01 2011


The world moves fast. Incredibly fast, in fact. So fast that what is in an instant new and different will the next second be out-of-date and antiquated. The days tick by faster and faster and time never seems to let up. New technologies and movies and music and trends captivate popular culture one moment and are relics in the next. People, friends, and jobs come and go with a furious abandon, leaving little time for true collective thought. However, that is something we are here to help you with. Everyone needs a little help every now and again, a little reminder or refresher, of certain important items or just of the general nature of life. Here, we are taking a little more of a specific route in talking about the Internet, a tool that has revolutionized an industry and fundamentally changed major aspects of the human experience.

Take a look at HTML. Hypertext Markup Language is the fundamental aspect of the Internet, without which there really is no World Wide Web. Yes, links might be an important building block, but think of the Internet as a room. This room is replete with appliances and furniture and properly up-to-code
building materials. Now, strip literally everything out of the room until you are left with a not-so-cozily decorated negative space. What materials are absolutely necessary for the structure of a room. Walls, of course, along with a floor, basic plaster or drywall and wallpaper. Some paint, electronic wiring, lighting, and insulation are all quite integral. These primary aspects are to a room as HTML is to the Internet: the backbone.




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