C TRIPL3 to Bring Breakthrough Mobile Technology to Ticketing Industry

21 02 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting on a brand-new mobile technology that will bring a revolution to the ticketing industry!

San Diego-based C TRIPL3, LLC is breaking new ground in the way businesses provide mobile ticketing and verification services – offering the only solution that allows businesses to send tickets, coupons and vouchers to their customers through email, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) and Short Messaging Service (SMS). Accessible for consumers via internet, mobile phone, interactive kiosk, and digital TV service, C TRIPL3 solutions are compatible with 100 percent of all mobile phones and over 97 percent of mobile devices.

The majority of today’s mobile ticketing services still require a customer to download a ticket, application, require phone modifications or have a phone with internet browsing and MMS capabilities. Despite the growing adoption of smart phones, research shows SMS – simple text – remains the most commonly used mobile phone application. According to a recent study by comScore Mobilens, in 2010 63.7 percent of people with mobile phones used SMS compared to approximately 30 percent who used a mobile browser or downloaded applications. With C TRIPL3, businesses are able to target a larger customer base, reaching any customer who can send or receive simple text messages.

“C TRIPL3 makes it easier for businesses to engage their customers through mobile phones – the most personal and commonly used communication device today,” said Tyson Claure C TRIPL3 President and CEO. “Providing ticketing, verification and interactive marketing solutions that truly measure ROI, the entertainment, transportation, financial services, and retail industries are better positioned now than ever before to meet the mobile needs of their busy customers.”

Engineered specifically for digital media and devices, C TRIPL3 distributes patent pending technologies using a special data grid called Cipher-3™. With over 2 quadrillion unique combinations available, Cipher-3™ allows ticketing, entrance control, labeling, and coupons for mobile devices. Cipher-3 stores more data in less space than any other format. Whether purchased online or on a mobile phone, tickets are delivered then scanned and verified directly from your device’s screen by C TRIPL3 interactive kiosks, verification units, and web cameras.




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