A World of Dreams

4 03 2011
Creation can be a powerful concept, if understood and applied in the correct manner. If done correctly, good art can have such a profound impact on someone that it can literally change their very being. A variety of movies, songs, theater performances, television shows, and art pieces have the distinction of being life-changing for different people and for vastly different reasons. Something might stick in the mind of one person but not even register interest for another. The varied tastes and sensibilities out there can yield an interesting response to art of all kinds. However, it can be taken as the greatest compliment in the world when an artist creates something that begets further creation, that inspires and motivates another to create something of their own. It is often the best feeling in the world to be moved by art so much that the only way to cope is to create art yourself. 

These days, we must have a broad idea of what constitutes ‘art.’ We must be able to redraw dividing lines and include some endeavors that were once thought to be too lowbrow or too technical or too pedestrian to be considered a creative work. Video games, and indeed technological design of any kind, can surely be considered artist by standards of creation and artistic merit. As well, web development can be counted amongst creative endeavors such as writing and painting. With programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dreamweaver, we see that creation does not have to be an arduous or complicated process. Anyone can create something, anyone can be inspired to create something; those that get up and actually create, those guys are onto something.




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