Untold Power

7 03 2011
Web development and the building of functional web sites is an interesting endeavor. One worthy of contemplation and a second thought, to be sure. Some people, most people, in fact, see it as a rather straightforward and steadily boring job. You fool around with lines upon lines upon lines of endless gibberish code so that a website can go up after a great deal of toil. If you hold such a belief, that is rather unfortunate. Sure, there are lines of redundant code at times. However, you have to know that it takes an eye and an instinct for what works, design-wise, to be an effective programmer or developer. You have to know what looks good with what, how to organize and store and display information in an accessible and effective manner, and at once you have to make the site functional, good-looking, and worthy of a repeat visit. There is a lot more that goes on than the general public would readily expect. 

What’s more is, it is getting simpler to do. Sure, you need to have the rudiments and the basics down if you wish to build something worthwhile, but software exists now that lets the average user build complete, functioning pages. One such program is Adobe Dreamweaver. This program allows you to build dynamic, 21-century web sites that catch the eye. You can design a website visually and with code, thanks to a new CSS starter feature in conjunction with Adobe’s Fireworks program. Visually-striking, content management, browser preview comparisons, and social media integration are just a few of the features that make Dreamweaver and effective tool for programmers, developers, and beginners alike.




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