Build A World

9 03 2011
Creativity and technology, believe it or not, go hand in hand. They are bedfellows in more ways than you might expect, in fact. Of course, technological development cannot only make the creative spark a bit more accessible and a bit more widespread, it can foster creative spirit in the use of different tools. We can now draft, design, paint, compose, and animate on personal computers using relatively cheap home software. We can create anything our hearts desire and can imagine with tools found in nearly every home across the country. However, there is another creative facet to the technology we use. There is a great deal of creativity that must go in to designing and building and testing the technology we use everyday. No matter if it is a suite of productivity programs or a powerful video editing suite, there was hard work, failure, and an ultimate creative push to build the best product possible.

Let us backtrack for a moment and ponder the consumer programs we use for creative purposes. Although most media is represented fairly well in this respect, there is one product that is by far the most popular and the most visible. Adobe Photoshop has enjoyed success as the gold standard for software-based graphic design in the more that two decades since its inception. Photoshop is a powerhouse: not only can you edit, manipulate, and study images for your own purposes, you are able to create from the ground up images and animations. Really, you are only limited by what your mind can fathom. For more information on this amazing product, please visit Photoshop Atoms.




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