A Bold Move

11 03 2011

The world of graphic design is a versatile and varied one. On the one hand, there is no telling what you could be doing from day to day. Monday could see you working on a billboard advertisement for a local automotive dealership while on Friday you could be redesigning a logo for a major investment firm. That is not to say that graphic design is limited to the industries of branding or advertising and marketing. No, graphic designers also work heavily in the entertainment industry, creating informational graphics used in news broadcasts, designing credit sequences for popular television programs, and maybe even work on computer-generated imaging for a major motion picture. When it comes to the field, there is plenty to be interested and excited about.

However, an interesting picture or color scheme is only half the battle, as it were. As state previously, you could end up designing a credit sequence or an advertisement for a business. What is the one uniting factor between these two seemingly-divergent concepts? Text, that is. The use of text, its placement, its shape, its color, its utilization, can be key to the work you are doing. In fact, you must be able to convey a message in a limited space. Some might argue that the text can be more important than the image itself. Photoshop has plenty of options no matter what you wish to do with your text or the image that accompanies it. For more detail information, please visit the text effects section of Photoshop Atoms.




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