Applied Knowledge

14 03 2011

If you have paid any attention at all to technology in the past six or seven years, there is a short little word that you will be undoubtedly familiar with, one that we shall discuss in a moment. If you have even passed a television during the technology report on the news, you have heard this word. It is three letters long, but its use and its implications have had resounding and revolutionary effects the world over. Now, you might be asking yourself: How can such a small word, such an insignificant thought, have such power? Well, one only really needs to say the word for it to have an almost immediate affect. The word in question? App, short for application software, would be that word. Ah, yes, now your memory is being given a workout. For some out there, this word is a part of everyday life.

They are featured on various next-generation smart phones and of course for personal computers. Chances are, if you own one of these things, you have heard or even spoken this word today. But, what exactly is an app? This should be a bit more of an intuitive thing, but it might not be for some. Simply, an app is a program, one that does not take up very much space or memory, that allows the use to complete a (usually highly-specialized task). We have apps that can retrieve information, allow for the creation and editing of content, can allow for communication, and can even just plain old entertain the user for a little while. Some are free, some are not; some can be useful, others can just be harmless and cheap fun. There is no denying, however, that the app is not merely a simple three-letter word.




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