What the Heck is HTML5?

18 03 2011

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language is essentially the backbone of websites on the internet. HTML5 is simply the next upgraded release of that language. While it may not sound like much at first, HTML5 will change the internet for everyone, not just the designers.

HTML4 was born with a lot of limitations, and to get websites to do what they wanted them to, developers had to tack on additional extensions. All of these various plugins that let websites do cool things like play movies and music, suck up your system resources. Each additional plugin that you have to have running slows down your web experience a little more. For computer users with plenty of power at their disposal the extensions aren’t a big deal, but for the mobile phone users and the PDA users many of those extensions blocked off websites from being available at all.

HTML5 will allow many of those features that were tacked on to HTML4 to run without any extra programs going. Audio and Videos will run right within the base code again and that is good news for everyone. Developers won’t have to work as hard and you will be able to look at the latest and greatest sites on your mobile phone without worrying about restrictions.

Many of the effects of HTML5 will be difficult to see for quite some time, but as more sites and web browsers begin to adopt the new technology the internet as we know it will be forever changed. For a more in depth of how HTML5 is going to effect your life as a basic user, or as a developer see What is HTML5?




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