Variations on a Theme

21 03 2011

It is interesting to behold just how technology can seep into our cultural landscape. For one, recent years and recent technological advances have shown us that the gadgets and gizmos that we use on a day-to-day basis can indeed have an impact on our culture. When you think about it, why should it be any different?


These are the devices by which we experience our culture, by which we listen to music and view video and access news and information. It can be argued that we can manage our entire informational intake and output with these small hunks of plastic and metal. As it stands, this does not look to be changing anytime soon. In fact, entirely new industries and schools of thought have emerged as a result of these devices and these markets. What could have once been referred to as ‘cool little toys’ have now changed the face of business, among other things.

Charting the progress and the variation and the change of these objects is always an interesting sort of task. Take the iPod, Apple’s premiere consumer electronic. Since its debut in 2002, the device has accrued and acquired not only critical and commercial acclaim, but as well a bevy of features that have enhanced what was once a mere mp3 player. With each new iteration, rumors fly as to what could possibly be added to an already stellar product. Well, it seems that the newest rumors point to a camera with the new iPod Nano, as well as a possible inclusion to the Sony camera lineup for the iPhone 5. For more information, please visit DailyTech.




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