All Eyes On Me? What About Privacy?

23 03 2011
Privacy has always been, and continues to be,

a primary concern in the technology world.

As we move more and more of our lives from the physical realm to the Internet, there is an understandable apprehension. People have medical records, personal financial information, purchase history, and a great deal of other instances of personal information on the Internet at any one given time. As well, security flaws can and indeed do crop up. We live in an imperfect world, these things are bound to happen. However, we expect malicious hackers or malware exploits to be behind security flaws and privacy breaches. It is not often that we hear of trusted, public companies charged with playing fast and loose with their users’ private information. When we do, it is of course a cause for concern.Earlier this afternoon, a federal grand jury has subpoenaed several mobile application developers, such as those for iOS and Android devices, in conjunction with an investigation into privacy issues. This investigation centers around these application’s use of private user data, specifically how these applications might share data with third parties such as advertisement agencies. The possible dissemination of user data to ad agencies could possibly invite malware and other unwanted consequences upon a given user’s mobile device. It will be interesting to note how this investigation will pan out, in the wake of Apple’s tightening of app guidelines as well as the already-established laws regarding GPS location data and mobile devices. For more information on this story, please visit Apple Insider.




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