Why Facebook Pages Are Right, Right Now

25 03 2011

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Facebook. And you may have heard of Facebook Pages. But did you know that Facebook Pages are one of the Web’s best marketing tools?

It’s true. No matter how your business operates or what your business is, a Facebook Page can help you get the word out about, and the traffic in to, your website. Here are the benefits of having a Facebook Page for your business:

  • SEO. Facebook Pages can be optimized for search engine traffic and may even appear in the search rankings for keywords that you target.
  • Social Media Marketing. Since Facebook is now the most trafficked website online and the third largest Internet business, you can promote your Facebook Page to the right people right through Facebook itself.
  • Blogging. You can promote your Facebook Page easily with a blog. It makes your blog more powerful and your Facebook Page more visible.
  • YouTube. You can post your YouTube videos on your Facebook Page. This increases your video views and your Facebook Page visibility.
  • Widgets. Since your Facebook Page can be widgetized, all of your widgets (and you) can benefit.
  • Website Traffic. Drive more traffic to your website than ever before.

Facebook Pages have loads of benefits right now. That may change in the future, but you aren’t marketing for the future. You’re marketing right now. Promote your business with a Facebook Page.




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