Social Networking Icons – Which Ones Do You Need?

30 03 2011

When you build a new website or start a blog, do you know which social networking icons you are going to need to put on the site? In this day of Internet marketing, you don’t want to build a new site without them. Social media traffic is starting to grow across the board and the site icons are one reason why.

So which social networking icons are important?

The answer to this question largely depends on the type of website that you are designing. If you are designing a website that is strictly business, for instance, you will probably want a LinkedIn icon on every page of the website. You may also want a Facebook icon on the site as well, and a Twitter icon. But what if the site is more social or not business-oriented at all?

For instance, a dating website? In that case, you’d want to include Facebook and Twitter icons, but a LinkedIn icon is much less important. Other icons might be included as well.

I think a ‘share by e-mail’ icon is almost always necessary. That’s because no matter how many site visitors you have, you’ll almost always have a large number of them who are not active on the social networks. But they will share your stories and web pages with their friends. Give them that option with a ‘share by e-mail’ icon.




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