Google Goes To Iraq

4 04 2011

On March 31, Google announced on its blog that it has introduced a regional search engine for both Iraq and Tunisia. This proves that Google is trying to take over the world one country at a time.

It’s not that Google hasn’t struggled. It ran into a few road blocks in China, but the largest search engine in the world will stop at nothing to ensure that the people of the world have a search engine to use – no matter what country they are in.

I wonder what has taken them so long to get to Iraq. It’s now been eight years since George W. Bush freed its citizens from the clutches of the madman Saddam Hussein. In all that time, Google wasn’t able to introduce search to the Iraq citizens, or was it just that there was no demand for a search engine until now?

The Google domain in Iraq is In Tunisia, it is That takes the number of Google regional domains to 184. That leaves 10 or 11 countries (depending on whether you accept State department figures or not) currently not served by Google.

Google’s efforts to obtain a country-specific domain name for every country in the world follows its stated vision of delivering all of its products in every language in the world. Google is well on its way to meeting that goal. Any bets on when it will complete the deal?




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