Where Did The CSS Tutorials Go?

4 04 2011

CSS tutorials are a great way to learn how to design your websites with style. In fact, CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. These are file documents written in code that defines the elements of your web pages across multiple pages. It makes changing certain elements on your web pages easier by allowing you to change the style definitions within the CSS file instead of on every page on which those elements appear.

So where do you go to find suitable CSS  tutorials? Glad you asked.

A site that I recommend is CSS Atoms. At this site you’ll find all kinds of tutorials that are easy to follow and which will teach you the basics of CSS while also giving a few advanced tips. Here is a sample tutorial to whet your appetite.

Borders With CSS Border-Style Property

  • border-style: none;
  • border-style: dotted;
  • border-style: dashed;
  • border-style: solid;
  • border-style: double;
  • border-style: groove;
  • border-style: ridge;
  • border-style: inset;
  • border-style: outset;

Get more information on this CSS border-style tutorial.

Here’s another tutorial for added measure:

Embossed Text In CSS3

  • Create a standard HTML page with Div ID tag
  • Add the CSS style code to define the parameters of your button:
    • background
    • filter
    • border
    • cursor
    • border-radius
    • height
    • position
    • text-align
    • width
  • Define button text parameters
    • font-family
    • font-size
    • font-weight
    • color
    • margin
    • position
    • text-shadow

    Learn more about the Embossed Text CSS tutorial. And there’s plenty more where this came from.




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