Should Facebook Dictate Your Web Design?

8 04 2011

Since Facebook is the most trafficked website online and it’s becoming more and more “cool” to create a website that is interactive through Facebook (and Twitter) – well, through social media in general – we must ask ourselves whether we can go too far in making our web design “Facebook-friendly.”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against Facebook. I’m not even against making your website Facebook-friendly, or social media interactive. In fact, I highly encourage the use of APIs to include elements of social into any website. But let’s distinguish between making your website more social and socializing it to a degree it is overly so.

Some websites demand it, of course. If you are building a social network and you want your niche social network to be viewed as an extension of Facebook, then incorporating Facebook’s API makes sense. But if you are building a business website through which you hope to obtain new business, then letting your visitors know they can interact with you on Facebook is enough. Making your website a mini-social network is overkill.

Website owners must use critical thinking in determining the extent to which they make their website social. Don’t do it just to be doing it. If it makes sense for your visitors, then go for it. Otherwise, less can often be more.




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