Why CSS Is Necessary

15 04 2011

You already know that HTML is necessary. It’s the basic language of the World Wide Web. But did you know that CSS is necessary? It absolutely is.

CSS is necessary because it takes an HTML document and enhances it across an entire website. It does this by allowing the web developer or website designer the freedom to define certain elements of a website across multiple pages.

For instance, navigational elements are typically common across multiple pages of a website. You can define those elements in CSS. Other elements that can be defined through CSS and that are typically common across multiples pages of a website include:

  • Background features
  • Menus and buttons
  • Font attributes
  • Header and footer attributes
  • Link attributes
  • Wrapper attributes
  • Embedded features

This, of course, is just a short list. There are plenty more website features and attributes that can be defined across multiple pages of a website and CSS is the perfect language for doing that.

Particularly helpful is when you have common features within a single section of your website but that are different from features of other sections. In that case, you’ll need more than one CSS document. Each CSS document defines the features of its respective website section.

You can learn more about CSS and take a few CSS tutorials from one of my favorite websites, CSS Atoms.




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