5 Tech Revolutions Happening Right Now

20 04 2011

The world changes. Constantly. And so does the Web.

In fact, some of the biggest changes in the world right now are happening on the World Wide Web. Here are 5 technology revolutions taking place right now before our very eyes.

  1. HTML 5 – You may not think of HTML 5 as a technology revolution, but if you’ve seen the changes that are being proposed to the Web’s basic language, you’d think HTML is getting a complete overhaul. The truth is, these developments are updating how the Web has evolved since HTML 4 was released in 1998.
  2. CSS 3 – Since HTML is getting an overhaul, the folks responsible for developing CSS 3 thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the Web’s most prolific support language. Web design is itself in its own state of revolution.
  3. Social Networking – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn …. The world has gone social. And social media websites are right on the cutting edge of technology today.
  4. Mobile Apps – The average Web user has not discovered one of the most powerful digital tools in history – the mobile app. The future of the Web is mobile. Savvy on-the-go Web users know this and that’s why they are going Android, SmartPhone, and iPhone crazy.
  5. Search – You can’t leave out search. While no earth-shattering developments have taken place in search for awhile, you can bet that search technologists are hard at work to improve how we access information online.

In truth, these 5 technology revolutions are all a part of one single revolution – the digital revolution, but they can be seen as independent revolutions on their own right.




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