Will HTML 5 Save The Web?

25 04 2011

HTML 5 is in the late development stage and it’s looking pretty good. I like a lot of the new ways of making certain web design elements work. I like the definitions of web design elements. And I like the overall direction that HTML is taking with the fifth generation. But will it save the Web?

In truth, the Web is in no danger of going anywhere. It’s not in the running for sudden destruction. It’s not even in decline. However, HTML is.

Let’s face it. HTML 4 is outdated and almost irrelevant. If you look at how most websites are being designed these days, the bulk of code that is going into them is CSS, PHP, and JavaScript. The Windows server equivalent is ASP.

While HTML is still being used, it makes up a small percentage of the actual code for most websites. But HTML 5 could change that.

CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and ASP will still be used after HTML 5 is released to the public. But HTML 5 does show some promise for reducing the amount of code overall in web development and the over reliance of other code in particular.

HTML 5 offers many new web design developments and some of them are based on elements that have typically not been associated with HTML. The Web may not be in danger of dying, but HTML 5 will certainly improve the way website designers and developers are creating their billboards.




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