10 New Markup Elements In HTML 5

29 04 2011

HTML 5 has a lot of new developments for web designers. If you have gotten used to HTML 4 and think that HTML 5 will be easy to learn, you could be in for a shock as you’ll have to learn a whole new language (almost).

There are still some common elements, however, HTML 5 does introduce some new markup. Here are 10 new markup elements introduced by HTML 5:

  1. Article – This markup element is for using syndicated content from another website.
  2. Command – Used for a button, radiobutton, or a checkbox.
  3. Header – Introduces a section or a document and could include navigation.
  4. Nav – Used for a section of navigation.
  5. Video – Video elements now have their own markup in HTML 5.
  6. Keygen – Generate keys to authenticate users.
  7. Embed – For embedded content, such as a widget or a plug-in.
  8. Hgroup – For a section of headings. For example, H1 to H6.
  9. Aside – Separate content that is related to the surrounding content. Resembles a sidebar in print design.
  10. Figcaption – Defines the capture of a figure element, which can include a group of stand-alone content, photos, or videos.

There are plenty more new markup elements in HTML 5. This just barely scratches the surface. To learn more HTML 5 markup with a tutorial and a free download, visit HTML Atoms.




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